In Piedmont there is an obligation to wear an outdoor mask


Six days with the mask on the face to ward off the new wave of infections. From tomorrow and until Tuesday (June 2), the Piedmontese could be forced to cover their nose and mouth every time they leave the house inside the inhabited areas. That is, where there is the risk of meeting other people without being able to guarantee the safety distance that prevents the spread of the virus. The decision will be taken only today, but the idea of ​​making the mask mandatory in the open on days with the highest nightlife risk came up yesterday during the meeting between the President of the Region Alberto Cirio and the prefect of Turin Claudio Palomba.

Tricolor arrows on Turin to celebrate the recovery after the coronavirus: but to admire them they crowd in thousands

A confrontation that was announced on Monday, after the first weekend with the clubs open in the evening, and above all after the crowds that gathered on the street on Monday to watch the tricolor arrows show, above the center of Turin. The fear, also shared by the mayor Chiara Appendino, is that another spring time weekend, followed by the June 2 Bridge, could frustrate the lockdown weeks whose benefits on the contagion curve are now seen consistently also in Piedmont which has been slow to take the path of healing compared to other Italian regions. A way that, even looking at the data of the infections spread yesterday evening by the Crisis Unit, seems to have run steadily: yesterday there were 86 new infections, almost double the day before, but with 24 positive swabs registered in the RSA, and 14 deaths. 374 more healed and 70 hospitalized in therapy intensive, two less than day before.

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The fear is that the descent of these days reverses the sign to go back, due to the opening of the premises, mobility and meetings between people. Hence the squeeze. And the decision to use the next six days to consolidate the result. Also because from June 3 phase 3 will open, the one that, at least for now, provides for the reopening of the borders between the regions and, unless our local closings (which are currently denied), will force Piedmont and neighboring regions to adopt homogeneous measures . Today, the outdoor mask is already mandatory in Lombardy (and Veneto), while it is not in Liguria. However, this will be considered only in light of the data that will arrive from the Ministry of Health on Friday, with the weekly monitoring of the 21 safety parameters to monitor the progress of the epidemic.

Waiting for the numbers, President Alberto Cirio will write a new ordinance today to make even more clear what is already foreseen: the outdoor mask is in fact mandatory when social distancing cannot be guaranteed. However, the images of Saturday evening and Monday afternoon made it clear that the measurement of the right distance cannot be entrusted to the evaluation of individuals. And so, starting tomorrow, the model already identified for shopping centers will be extended, where the Region has imposed the use of masks in all environments, outdoors and indoors, with the obligation to wear them from the moment in which you get off the car to the one where you get back on board to go home. The regional indication may be shared or rejected by the mayors, who maintain the possibility of restricting or enlarging the posts of the ordinances. The first town of Settimo, Elena Piastra has already moved independently yesterday, making it mandatory to cover the nose and mouth in the crowded areas of the town just outside Turin. For the capital, the issue, also linked to other measures related to the management of nightlife, will be addressed tomorrow during the meeting of the Order and Security Committee in the Prefecture.

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