In Piedmont, masks are also required outdoors, from Friday to Tuesday



Ordinance arriving in Piedmont, obligation of masks also outdoors from Friday to Tuesday. Today Cirio’s decision

Obligation of masks for everyone in Piedmont, even in the open air, from Friday to Tuesday. This is what will be decided – perhaps already today – by the governor Alberto Cirio, president of the Piedmont Region.

PIEDMONT, OBLIGATION OF MASKS EVEN OUTDOORS – This decision, also seems to be in agreement with the prefect of Turin Claudio Palomba, after the gatherings that took place in Turin for the Frecce Tricolori show and in general in many Piedmontese cities during the first nightlife and open clubs. For now, the ordinance should only cover the period from 29 May to 2 June, so as to cover the weekend of the “bridge” between Sunday and Republic Day.

CROWD IN THE HEADQUARTER FOR THE “TRICOLORED ARROWS” – «With the formation of spontaneous gatherings in the center to attend the Frecce Tricolori, Turin has made a sort of involuntary stress test, if in 15 days we will not see a strong increase in infections it will be a good signal, it will mean that the virus circulates less or something like that. It would be really auspicious also in anticipation of the next future reopening of autumn ». This is what Roberto Testi said, according to ANSA, president of the Technical Scientific Committee of the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region. On the reopening of the schools, in September, Testi claimed that much will depend «on how things will go, on the spread of the infection. Many people are queuing in hospitals and private laboratories to do serological tests, which are also being done in large sectors of society, including law enforcement, but also, absurdly, all negative, does not mean that yes he can easily reopen everything ».


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