In Lombardy the hidden truth appears


The speech of the day before yesterday by the Hon. Ricciardi in the Chamber was certainly wrong and inappropriate, certainly not inspired by Conte, as the Hon. Meloni, because indeed the deputy Grillino did a bad favor to the premier because if he certainly did not insult the dead of Lombardy, he nevertheless made a type of speech completely out of phase with respect to the attempt put in place by the government to reconnect some relationship with the ‘opposition. On the other hand, the Northern League has a bad habit of creating accidents that only thanks to the interposition of the clerks do not translate into physical clashes between parliamentarians.

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That said, the downside should also be seen, namely that the Grillini MPs have a very special sense of parliamentary opportunity, they say right or wrong things, but certainly at the wrong time. The other day in the Senate when Minister Bonafede played a very difficult game in front of two motions of no confidence, the interventions of the Senators from Grillini were so provocative as to make one doubt that they wanted to blow the nerves to the other majority groups. Having said all this, however, certainly not on the occasion of debates such as that of Thursday, the Northern League will hardly be able to prevent anyone from saying that in Lombardy a series of serious errors have been made in the management of the pandemic. In saying this, the dead are not offended, but the problem of the political responsibilities of those who killed them is raised. After that such a speech would certainly be …


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