“In Lombardy it was better to wait, the virus is among us” – Libero Quotidiano


On 3 June all regional borders will be reopened. It is the decision taken by the government, which has this absurd conviction that it is not right to operate differentiated openings based on the numbers of the infection: either it opens all together or it remains closed another week. In the end the “aperturista” line prevailed, the fact is that Lombardy it does not make you sleep soundly: the data are under control but not yet good enough to allow free movement with the other regions. “The general trend is certainly positive – he commented Walter Ricciardi in an interview with The print – the numbers of Lombardy still lead to prudence “.

The adviser to Minister Roberto Speranza is therefore of the opinion that it would have been better to wait a little longer before opening the Lombard borders: “A little wait would not hurt. But mine are scientific considerations, then it is up to politics to decide on the basis of other social and economic considerations “. Furthermore Riccardi stressed of do not believe in the alleged ‘swindling’ of the data from Lombardy and other regions: “Absolutely not, there has always been a certain heterogeneity in regional data collection systems. Maybe in some areas they need to be made more efficient than they are today. ”

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