In Lombardy, infections are rising, reopening at risk


The death toll rises to over 100 people, of whom 58 are in Lombardy, the area most affected by the Coronavirus. Of the 584 positive swabs detected today throughout Italy, most, 384 new positives, are in the region led by Attilio Fontana, shrouded in the dilemma of whether to open on June 3 together with the rest of Italy or to wait a few more days. The next forty-eight hours will be crucial.

In fact, on Friday evening the report of the epidemiological trend of this week will arrive on the desk of the Minister of Health and only then, on the basis of tables and algorithms, will it be possible to make a decision. Still nothing official but a postponed opening of Lombardy no one feels to exclude it. Maybe even from Piedmont. Even Governor Fontana prefers caution to an acceleration that could lead to a new wave in a matter of days, then to a new lockdown that at this point would put the entire summer season at serious risk. “Better to wait a few days, to lower the infection curve again and save the small and medium-sized traders and tourism”, this is the reasoning that takes shape in the last hours. Reasoning that the President of Lombardy and the Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia shared in a face to face. Provided that, clarified Fontana, it is only about ten days. For now, Lombardy does not want to tear away with the executive, it being understood that we will have to wait at least for data on Friday evening.

In Milan, the number of newly infected people has tripled compared to yesterday. And that’s why the mayor Giuseppe Sala has banned the sale of takeaway alcohol after 7pm and now he shivers to know what will happen from June 3rd. Whether Lombardy will reopen or not and how. It is precisely the mayor of the city of Madonnina who made the battle against those who would like to prevent the entry of Lombards and Piedmontese in their region: “I will remember when I go on vacation,” he says.

Luigi De Magistris would like citizens from Lombardy and Piedmont to enter Naples only if equipped with a negative buffer. Christian Solinas, to those arriving in Sardinia, would like to ask for a health license, then the serological test that certifies that you are not suffering from Coronavirus. Sicily is still deciding whether or not to require a good health license. At stake in some regions there is also an obligation to quarantine for those arriving from Northern Italy, most affected by Covid. The temptation to go in random order is always there, in what has long been a battle between southern and northern governors. It is already being discussed now and will be discussed in the coming days. For now, the Ministry of Health slows down any type of initiative: “There is no and no health license will exist”, we learn from internal sources: “If you decide to open a region there will be no restrictions on entry or exit”. Different speech instead if the data of this week should prove that one or two regions should postpone the reopening. Under observation, as has been said, there are Lombardy and Piedmont. Available to postpone, but not too much.

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