in Italy today 119 dead, 669 new cases. Heal 2,120 more. Sicily for the first time without contagions


Virus, bulletin: 119 dead in Italy today. There are 2,120 more healed. Sicily for the first time without contagions

Coronavirus, the Civil protection has issued the bulletin related to cases of COVID-19 in Italy, updated at 5pm today, Saturday 23 May 2020. In Italy, 229,327 are registered today cases total, of which 32,735 victims, with a budget of 119 dead in 24 hours. The cases of contagion are 669 more in one day. There are 138,840 people healed, 2,120 more than yesterday. Right now people suffering from COVID-19 there are 57,752 in Italy. Yesterday, the total number of infected people since the beginning of the epidemic was 228,658, of which 136,720 healed and 32,616 died.

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Of the total infected the Lombardy, according to the data of the bulletin of the Civil protection nationally, it records roughly double the increase in all the other regions (228 overall): 86,825 total infected in Lombardy, 441 more than yesterday (with 17,191 swabs performed in one day), when the increase had been 293.

The Regional Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera reports that “among the new positives recorded today, we count 108 swabs concerning health workers and RSA guests, a higher number than in the same case history of the last few days”. And he adds that “the spread of the infection among the population therefore remains stable”, underlining that less than two hundred Covid patients are admitted to intensive care in Lombardy, precisely 199, eight less than yesterday. A threshold, he says “symbolic”. Such a low figure has not occurred since March 4th. Also decreasing, Gallera reports, the number of hospitalized in the other wards, 4,026, two less than yesterday. The death toll reached 15,840, of which 56 in one day.

As for the whole Italian territory, then, according to the bulletin of the Civil protection, 572 patients are hospitalized in intensive care for Coronavirus, 23 less than yesterday. On the other hand, 8,957 patients hospitalized with symptoms, with a drop of 262 compared to yesterday, while those in home isolation are 48,485, with a drop of 1,285 compared to yesterday. 48,485 people, equal to 84% of currently coronavirus positive, are in isolation without symptoms or with mild symptoms. The challenge to mobility passes through all the data above all, highlighted the experts, those of the new cases.

At the press conference at the ISS on Friday, the president, Silvio Brusaferro, said that the issue of “mobility between the regions must be addressed with an even smaller number of new cases than we have”. But based on what criteria? «The Rt index changes on a weekly basis and I would exclude it as a criterion for travel. But the mode of movement is also important, that is, how you move ». And Valle d’Aosta intervened again on the Rt index, which in the last 24 hours has not recorded any new positive cases. In a letter to the Higher Institute of Health he wrote that an “image that does not correspond to reality” has been “disseminated” and that the region is penalized by small numbers. Yesterday, in fact, the RT had been defined as 1.06, the highest value even if momentary.

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Sicily for the first time without new infections. For the first time since the beginning of the health emergency, Sicily does not even register a new positive case on almost 2500 swabs made. This is the summary of the situation on the island: from the beginning of the checks, the swabs carried out were 131,913 (+2,482 compared to yesterday), out of 116,517 people: of these, 3,421 (0) were positive, while 1,512 are still infected ( -7), 1,640 healed (+6) and 269 died (+1). The presidency of the Sicilian Region communicates this.

In detail, there are currently 25,630 positive cases Lombardy, 8,025 in Piedmont, 4,570 in Emilia Romagna, 2,841 in Veneto, 1,766 in Tuscany, 1,734 in Liguria, 3,581 in Lazio, 1,713 in Marche, 1,273 in Campania, 1,805 in Puglia, 565 in the Autonomous Province of Trento, 1,512 in Sicily, 459 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 1,168 in Abruzzo, 214 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 56 in Umbria, 287 in Sardinia, 35 in Valle d’Aosta, 288 in Calabria, 189 in Molise and 41 in Basilicata.

Serological investigation. Meanwhile to know the epidemiological spread of COVID-19The serological survey by the Ministry of Health, ISTAT and the Italian Red Cross (whose volunteers will have to contact the citizens) starts on Monday 25 May on 150,000 people chosen by sample in 2000 municipalities. «It will be the most massive investigation ever carried out by Italian health professionals. It will help us to have indications to better cope with the virus. We can also define this page as archived and wait for the results », announced the emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri. A television commercial for citizens starts from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry itself specifies that membership is not mandatory and that “the confidentiality of the participants will be maintained for the duration of the investigation”.

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