In Italy that starts football again is the friend found


Another piece of our lives returns to its place. They try to give us football back, and we take it back willingly. Because football, for those who love it, is not a way to pass the time but is part of that time. Like love, like eating, like a book, a walk, a friend. Like the things we love and accompany us from a life: ours.We of football are not a mass of irresponsible people, but of fans. Sometimes excessive, but so wants the feeling that matters more than the technique. We have re-emerged from almost three months of renunciation and abstinence, television replicas of games lived as great classics and of travels in the universe even on the web: where we tinkered tirelessly until we reached the third Thai category, both said without offense, and amateurs Mexicans. But they were football too, they are football too. Until the real vertigo of the Bundesliga, all those goals inside the empty stadiums, in front of cardboard stands: the silhouettes of the fans can be, never the game. Football, that’s always true.

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Serie A, Spadafora has decided: the championship restarts on 20 June

We balloon sufferers have been looked at as greasers, in the days when the European cups had gone a little too far: we certainly had to stop earlier. But when life tried to resume its rhythms and its taste, it was right that football tried to align itself with the new normal. For a long time it will not be as before, but neither will it be like that hopeless void, when even just buying milk seemed an extreme undertaking. Now the cities are taking shape again, albeit with the lack of criteria and responsibilities of many people, unfortunately; but following the rules, the distances, the safety protocols and the reasoning, which remains the most important prophylaxis tool, football can also find its way.

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The championship can restart, but the quarantine node remains

In Italy where almost everything reopens, it would not make sense not to give this possibility to a sport that is both game and finance, popular culture and memory, market and dream. Among the many psychological disturbances that the virus has produced and will produce, the sporting spectacle can be a rediscovered friend, a parenthesis of beauty, a short anesthesia (it is not blasphemous: those who suffer need it), perhaps a little therapy. Provided it is football itself that bears the costs. Provided that not even a tampon, a test or a minute of the work of a doctor or public nurse are taken from the community.

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The field, the stands, the distances: the post covid stage. And cheering will be virtual

A difficult slalom awaits us. There will be many obstacles to overcome, and there is still a great chance of starting but not being able to finish. All this, however, will be a great test for the season that awaits us, for the months to come: trying to start again now means knowing how to start better afterwards. And then there are many people who live in football: the employees, not just the champions. The insiders. And there are economic-legal architectures, such as television contracts and agreements that bind players to clubs, which ask for answers and threaten powerful legal actions. In the background, but not so much, also Champions and Europa League, and the long horizon of the 2021 European Championships: they seem very far but they are not.


Double negative swab on staff member, Bologna breathes a sigh of relief

It starts again on June 13 with the old Italian Cup, she too a friend who comes home to have a beer with us. We even missed the “cup” in an unspeakable way: we couldn’t wait, and it will be a beautiful hour. Then we will have to think about theaters, about Gabriele Vacis’ very interesting proposal to reopen them and keep them open always, and of course at school. And before that, on holidays. The enormous reality of the economic crisis and the fear of the future weigh on everything. But our poor frailties can find consolation in a goal, in a parade, in that emotion that seemed lost. Finding her is like living a little more again.

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