“In Europe do they insult us and don’t want us? Holidays in Italy” – Libero Quotidiano


“More than twenty European states do not want Italian tourists (or impose checks and stakes) while some Northern European newspapers even insult us? No problem. “With these words Matteo Salvini launched the challenge to relaunch the tourism, an area that has been severely damaged by the coronavirus epidemic and which needs to be relaunched with an ad hoc plan. The League secretary has appealed for spend the summer holidays in Italy, especially after decisions by other governments that shut the door on us or otherwise provide for special restrictions. In addition to this, Salvini is convinced of the need for a major recovery plan for the sector: “A lot of words have come from the government but very few facts.” After a few weeks of working with the sector operators, the League has made official a package of proposals elaborated under the direction of the head of the tourism department, Gian Marco Centinaio.

Establishment, at the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism, of an extraordinary Fund to support loss of income for all businesses operating in the tourism sector: tourism businesses, including travel agencies, tour operators and parks entertainment, as well as spas, non-hotel structures, managers of bathing establishments, tourism professions, intermediaries, tourist transport companies by bus and commercial line transport 2003 no. 218 and of the legislative decree n. 285 of 2005 and public exercises. The resources are granted, with a state guarantee, by way of non-repayable loans, over a five-year period, in an amount equal to the loss of turnover suffered in the year 2020 compared to the turnover recorded in 2019.

• Tax credit of 60% on the rent for properties instrumental to the exercise of the activity or 60% of the amount paid by the manager as consideration for the rental of the company.
• Abolition of the IMU payment for the year 2020 in the two components: down payment by June 16, 2020 and balance by December 16, 2020 in favor of operators in the tourism sector.
• Extension of the moratoriums on payments of all taxes due and the possibility of payment by installments over a two-year period and suspension of utilities.
Establishment of a white year with reference to the fiscal year 2020, to preserve liquidity for businesses.
• Revision of the VAT rate for the sale of tourist packages from the current 22%, ordinary rate, to a reduced rate of 10%.
• Tax credit for the year 2021 and 2022, equal to the value of the value added tax not deducted in previous years.
• Deduction in the tax return of individuals for non-scheduled public service expenses.
• Deferment at 31 December 2020 of payments on properties used for seasonal leases.
• Extension until 31 December 2020 of the provisions relating to the suspension of mortgage payments and leasing installments assumed for the purchase of tangible goods and infrastructures for the road haulage sector

Experimentation of new models of assistance through the envisaged agreements between public health structures and spas for the purpose of containing healthcare expenditure (art.15, paragraph 13, letter c-bis, Legislative Decree 6 July 2012, n.95), also allowing immediate delivery of all thermal motor and respiratory function rehabilitation cycles to all those assisted by the National Health Service, currently recognized only to INAIL policyholders and expanding the range of pathologies envisaged, including also the outcomes of COVID infection – 19.

• Extension of all social safety nets for emergency COVID-19, currently for nine weeks, until the end of 2020.
• Access to layoff measures for staff in the tourism sector hired after February 23, 2020, for contracts signed before the entry into force of decree-law no. 18 of 2020, for the most part hired with seasonal contracts.
• Decentralization of labor costs for staff hired with a seasonal contract in 2020 in order to allow companies to support staff recruitment despite the uncertainties of the summer season with burdens assumed by the State.
• Extension of the Naspi treatment to protect the income of seasonal workers.
• Removal of the limits that prevent recourse to the occasional contract by operators in the tourism sector and public businesses and simultaneous expansion of the audience to all tourism businesses.

Approval of the Prime Ministerial Decree to define the creation of the identification code for accommodation facilities in order to put an end to the phenomenon of unauthorized use in the non-hotel reception sector.

Tax deduction, for taxpayers subject to personal income tax, within a pre-established ceiling, to be recognized in relation to the purchase of tourist services for travel in Italy. The League project does not foresee a limitation on the beneficiaries’ income and will involve the whole tourism sector. Within a figure of 250 euros per person. Also recognition of a holiday bonus to encourage travel in Italy and abroad.

Inclusion of amusement parks among the tourism companies referred to in article 4, paragraph 1, of the legislative decree of 23 May 2011. Amusement parks are important tourist attractions and respond to the demand for experiential tourism. They are therefore an integral part of the Italian tourism system. They also guarantee employment for more than thirty thousand Italian citizens.

To remedy the damage caused by the epidemiology emergency COVID-19 and to remedy the serious disturbances of the economy generated by it:
• Establishment of a peremptory deadline for the adoption of the Prime Ministerial Decree for the implementation of the discipline of revision of state-owned maritime concessions pursuant to paragraph 675 of Law 145 of 2018, thus confirming the extension of the 15-year concession.
• Suspension of the fees relating to state-owned maritime concessions for 24 months, including marinas, as well as mining concession fees, as compensation for damages suffered by companies, following the lockdown which prevented, in particular, maintenance continues of the plants, with consequent damage to the structures.
Definition of the judicial or administrative proceedings pending on 31 December 2019 concerning the payment of royalties and compensation for the use of maritime state property and related appurtenances.
• Suspension, for a period of 24 months, of the application throughout the national territory of the application of the discipline relating to the performance of the profession of tourist guide.

• Extension to the sector of suspension of payments pursuant to article 61 of Law Decree no. 18 of 2020 “Cura Italia”.
• Reduction to 70 euro, with effect from 1 January 2020, of the minimum expenditure threshold for the reimbursement of VAT on purchases made in Italy by non-residents and non-domiciled persons in the European Union, as required by article 38-quater , paragraph 1, of the DPR 26 October 1972, n. 633, of 300 thousand lire (today 154, 94 Euro gross)

• Involvement of ENIT in all the country’s tourism promotion activities through the enhancement of the experiential offer of the territories linked to their history, culture and traditions, as well as the promotion of national and international events and fairs.
• Organization, through ENIT in the first place, of a seasonal event involving all the economic sectors of the country that are somehow linked to the return of tourist flows in Italy in order to promote the image of the country in the world.

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