In Emilia-Romagna 9600 called for the test on the spread of coronavirus


BOLOGNA – In Emilia-Romagna 9,600 citizens will be tested in the next few days as part of the national research of the Ministry of Health and Istat on the spread of Covid-19. Residents selected for the serological test will be contacted by phone and will be able to decide whether to undergo the examination or not. But “I hope that the Emilia-Romagna people who will receive the call will accept to participate in this research conducted at national level”, hopes Councilor Donini. “It is an important tool to understand what the antibody response is following exposure to Sars-CoV-2 regardless of the symptoms of the disease. The more people we could test and the more information we will have on how many actually encountered the virus “. The blood sample that will be taken will be analyzed by one of the two reference laboratories identified in the region: the microbiology and virology laboratory of the Ausl-Irccs of Reggio Emilia and the microbiology laboratory of the Ausl Romagna.The positive test, recalls the Region, indicates that the person has come into contact with the virus: the result will therefore be communicated to the territorially competent health authority, which will provide for the temporary home isolation of the person (as it may still be contagious), and quickly subject it to a nasopharyngeal swab. Specific consent will be required for the storage of the residual blood sample in a biological bank for future laboratory investigations. The samples will be transferred and stored for five years at the Spallanzani biological bank in Rome.

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