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TORINO. Given for dead, treated in extremis, treated and discharged. In recent days, a 76-year-old man, affected by Covid-19, was saved when his conditions were now considered desperate, with oxygen-ozone therapy, at the Mauritian hospital in Turin.

Mr. Ernesto, the name is fictional, is a 76 year old man. Grandfather of a three year old grandson. At the end of March, after days of fever, his breath begins to fail. Then the ambulance siren. The rush to an emergency room and the usual diagnosis of those days: acute respiratory failure in bilateral SARS CoV-2 pneumonia. Drug therapy and non-invasive ventilation are started. After an initial recovery, however, things start to go wrong and, for a further worsening of the breath, he is subjected to intubation and invasive ventilation. It is a race against time. He gets better almost immediately, he is extubated and transferred to the Sub-Intensive 4A COVID 19. He is still ventilated with a helmet, but talks, eats and also manages to make a video call to his daughter.

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The worsening

Unfortunately after 4 days the situation worsens: a thoracic CT reveals that the lungs are seriously compromised, his conditions are desperate and there seems to be nothing more to do. Ernesto returns to ventilate with his helmet. Despite this, his breathing exchanges worsen hour after hour. Everything that could be administered had already been administered. The last resort was oxygen-ozone therapy. Once informed consent is obtained, corticosteroids and oxygen-ozone are administered systemically. And after a few days a miracle, Ernesto progressively improves to the point of suspending ventilation with the helmet. Blood chemistry tests no longer show inflammation and the control chest CT is significantly improved. On 11 May Ernesto returns home to his family. His grandchild’s birthday awaits him. What was feared would never embrace again.

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The therapy

The Mauritian – who joined the oxygen-ozone therapy study promoted by the Santa Maria della Misericordia hospital in Udine – is equipped with an ozone generator, supplied by Odontostomatology (directed by Paolo Appendino). The study was conducted on patients admitted to the Covid sub-intensive care unit managed by Internal Medicine (directed by Claudio Norbiato) and Pneumology (directed by Roberto Prota). The management of patients undergoing therapy was entrusted to a multidisciplinary team, made up of Stefania Marengo, internist, and Piermarco Babando, dentist and ozone therapist of SIOOT (Italian Oxygen Ozone Therapy Society).

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