In Costa Rica, same-sex people can now marry


From the first minute of today May 26 in Costa Rica it will be possible to get married for people of the same sex. Costa Rica is the sixth country in Latin America to legalize homosexual marriages, the last one after Ecuador where the right was won last year.

The legalization of same-sex unions came thanks to a ruling by the country’s Supreme Court that lifted the ban, but it was also one of the themes at the center of the 2018 presidential election campaign after the Inter-American Court of Rights Humans earlier that year had ruled that countries such as Costa Rica, which had signed the American Convention on Human Rights, would have to conform and authorize same-sex marriages.

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So in August 2018 the Costa Rican Supreme Court declared the unconstitutional ban and gave Congress 18 months to enact a law on it, otherwise the ban on same-sex marriage would have been automatically lifted. However, the law was not enacted, and the ban therefore lapsed.

Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado Quesada, who during the election campaign had declared himself in favor of unions, unlike his opponent, the evangelical, Fabricio Alvarado, commented on Twitter: “Costa Rica officially recognizes equality of marriage. Today we celebrate freedom, equality and democratic institutions. ”

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