In Calabria life annuity also to those who remain in office one day. Di Maio: surreal


Annuities return to Calabria Region. Or better, with a new law the possibility of accruing the annuity (or end-of-mandate treatment) of 600 euros per month starting from 65 years has been introduced also for directors who do not complete the legislature or whose election should be declared In less than two minutes, with a unanimous vote, the regional council two days ago gave the go-ahead unanimously to the proposal made by Giuseppe Graziano of the UDC. A proposal not even explained in detail because the presenter said: It illustrates itself. And indeed, colleagues voted on it without any prior debate. But now the controversy breaks out. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, former political leader of the M5S who built so much of his success on his annuities, shoots chained balls on Facebook: While citizens have serious economic difficulties and businesses are hit hard by the crisis, the Calabria region reintroduces the annuity. Really surreal. For the time being, Governor Jole Santelli has not spoken out.

Di Maio: Law to be abolished immediately

Di Maio invites to turn around: I read of regional councilors who now would like to retrace their steps. Well, immediately abolish this law. Politics must set a good example. And if he can’t do it in such a situation, then it means he’ll never do it again. Never stop stressing the commitment of the regions and their governors. Most of all have been on the field, facing this emergency with maximum effort. For I can not remain silent in front of such a thing. And although it seems truly unique, in Calabria a few hours after the go-ahead for the return of annuities (which also accrue for those who remained in office for a single day or declared ineligible), some directors have declared that they want to return as soon as possible. Among them also Pippo Callipo, already candidate for governor for the center-left, who said he was deceived.

The defense of the Democratic Party

But there are also those who defend that vote. The regional councilors of the Democratic Party claim that it is a storm in a glass of water. We categorically deny – the dem representatives and also those of the “Progressive Democrats” civic list write in a note – that it is the restoration of the so-called “annuities”, which no longer exist for the elected in the previous council. There has been no attempt to bring non-existent things back to life: those who say so, perhaps misinformed. In Italy only the contribution system exists. Calabria, therefore, has done nothing but align itself with what was established in the State-Regions Conference of 3 April 2019: by changing a simple paragraph “.

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