In Brazil 1,100 deaths in 24 hours. Over 100 thousand deaths in the USA – World


BRAZIL – There are 1,086 deaths from Covid-19 registered in the last 24 hours in Brazil, where the total death toll has risen to 25,598. This was announced by the Minister of Health. There are 20,599 new infections, for a total of 411,821.

LATIN AMERICA – Latin America has confirmed in the last 24 hours a dynamic progression of the coronavirus pandemic with a marked increase in both infections (833,493, +35,000) and deaths (44,765, +1,400). This can be seen from a statistical processing carried out by ANSA on data concerning 34 Latin American countries and territories. The alarm bell rang for Brazil, which recorded over 20,000 infections in one day, reaching 411,821, and more than 1,000 deaths, for a total of 25,598. But also for Mexico, a country in 4th place for infections (74,560), but in 2 / o for deaths (8,134), which has now grown by a record number of 501. Stable in 2nd and 3rd place in Peru (135,905 and 3,983) and Chile (82289 and 841). Other countries with more than 5,000 cases of infection include Ecuador (38,103 and 3,275), Colombia (24,104 and 803), Dominican Republic (15,723 and 474), Argentina (13,228 and 492), Panama (11,447 and 313), and Bolivia (7136 and 274).

CHINA – China is starting to launch a ‘green channel’, a preferential lane for charter flights from 8 countries, including Italy. The Global Times, according to documents of the Civil aviation administration of China (Caac), the agency that regulates civil air transport, also mentions Japan, South Korea, Singapore, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland in the list. The move is a first step towards unblocking international connections after the tightening decided in March to contain the pandemic and the return infections.

Meanwhile, coronavirus-related deaths worldwide exceeded 350,000 (350,423), according to data from the American university Johns Hopkins. The total cases are almost 5.6 million (5,588,400).

The three most affected countries so far are the United States, the United Kingdom with 37,130 and Italy with 32,955.

UNITED STATES – Over 100,000 coronavirus deaths. This is what emerges from the calculations of the New York Times. This is the highest number of deaths in the world from the virus and exceeds the number of American soldiers killed in all the conflicts fought by the USA since the Korean War onwards. The coronavirus pandemic is about to become the deadliest in US history after the Spanish pandemic in 1918 in which 675,000 Americans died.

SOUTH KOREA – A new wave of contagions with 49 new cases that emerged in the last 24 hours and the birth of a new outbreak in a huge Bucheon wholesale goods storage warehouse, not far from Seoul.

RUSSIA – All Moscow residents can perform the test for the detection of coronavirus antibodies free of charge in 30 polyclinics in the capital. Deputy mayor Anastasia Rakova said so.

SWEDEN – Another 95 people died from coronavirus bringing the total death toll to 4,220, according to the latest update from the health authorities reported by the Guardian. The cases of Covid-19 in the only country in the world that never imposed a lockdown exceeded 35,000 after 648 other people were found positive.


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