in 11 Regions no victims, only 450 in intensive care


Coronavirus infections in Italy rise to 232,664 positive, of which 155,633 recovered and 33,340 died according to the latest Civil Protection bulletin. Yesterday there were 416 new cases, 2,789 deaths and 111 deaths. Here is the data on the contagions region by region:

Lombardy: 88,758

Piedmont: 30.583

Emilia Romagna: 27,759

Veneto: 19146

Tuscany: 10100

Liguria: 9,651

Lazio: 7,715

Brands: 6.727

Campania: 4,797

Puglia: 4,490

Trento: 4,429

Sicily: 3,442

Friuli VG: 3,271

Abruzzo: 3,237

Bolzano: 2,596

Umbria: 1,431

Sardinia: 1,356

Valle d’Aosta:

Calabria: 1,183

Molise: 436

Basilicata: 399

From tomorrow, Monday 3 May, it will be possible to move freely between the Italian regions; furthermore, Foreign Minister Di Maio said that from June 15 it could reopen for foreign tourists. In a post on Facebook, Minister Nunzia Catalfo stressed that the 600 euro bonus for self-employed workers is also due to intermittent workers and people in charge of home sales. In an in-depth analysis dedicated to health in the latest report on the coordination of public finance, the Court of Auditors recorded how the concentration of resources in large hospitals and the impoverishment of territorial health made the country defenseless in the face of Coronavirus.

Over 5.8 million infections in the world; over 102 thousand deaths in the USA. United States President Donald Trump has said he wants to end relations with the World Health Organization. A new outbreak has occurred in Germany, in the Bavaria region, following a series of private parties held last weekend.

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