Immuni, testing begins in six regions (with alert SMS)


After about two months of waiting, the Immuni app seems to be finally ready for its debut. After API release by Google and Apple which, among other things, will allow all those who have come into contact with a loved one to be notified, the app developed by the Milanese of Bending Spoon can be considered completed and can therefore be finally tested.

And, unlike what was initially expected, the testing phase of the social tracing app will take place in six regions and not only in three. In this way, the territory – and the population – that will test the application “commissioned” by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization will expand. Or, at the very least, should test it: Liguria and Friuli Venezia Giulia seem to want to walk away from experimentation, despite the fact that the first was chosen by the government as a testing ground.

Where the Immuni app will be tested

According to the first rumors, Immuni’s experimentation should have started on next June 5 in Liguria, Abruzzo and Puglia. Now, however, things seem to have changed and the experimentation should take place in two phases, which will start one week apart. To be verified, however, which citizens will be the first to download the social tracing app.

As mentioned, in fact, some regions have made their disappointment felt. The Ligurian junta, for example, makes it known that the Ligurian citizens will not be “le guinea pigs of the government“; the President of the Friulian Council Fedriga, on the other hand, withdrew the availability initially shown for testing the app, stating that “Immuni will not provide for the reconstruction of the chain of contacts of the subjects who have tested positive, as required by the Region in order to integrate in a homogeneous way the work done manually today, but thesending a text message to citizens who have come into contact with an infected person“. For this reason, Friuli would no longer want to take part in the experimentation.

How people at risk of infection will be advised

What is the “scandal stone” between the Friuli region and the government represents, instead, the the result of several months of work by Google and Apple. The two giants of Silicon Valley, in addition to having created the API to make the social tracing apps work on iOS and Android, have in fact created the “Notifications of exposure to COVID-19” system.

This system allows you to identify the epidemiological link of a person who has contracted the new Coronavirus and send a notification to all the people with whom it has come into contact. In this way it will be possible to activate the health protocol and check the health status of these people.

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