Immune, test in six regions: but Friuli is called out


Still uncertainties about the app immune. The software for tracking contacts, according to the calendar respected so far, should have started the phase of regional experimentation today, on May 29th. However, the tests would not only be postponed to June 5th (however ideally in time for the national release of the 15th) but would above all be changing protagonists during the work. According to what was filtered yesterday in fact, Liguria, Abruzzo is Puglia they will not be the only regions involved in the experimentation. To them should be added 3 other territories that, for the moment, seem to have not yet been defined.

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Any choice should have been postponed to the State-Regions Conference to be held tonight and is already hotly announced. On the table, in fact, there will also be the controversial immunity license required by some governors. The widening of the audience of 6-meter regions – supposedly with a distribution that would maintain the balance between North, Central and South – would in fact be the result of the controversies that have arisen in recent days. In particular, testing the app would have left both the President of the Conference of the Regions and Emilian Governor Stefano Bonaccini and the Vice President of Liguria and League Councilor for Health Sonia Viale perplexed. The latter in particular, although without breaking with Governor Toti, pushed the Region one half step back. The subject of the dispute would be the absence of clear solutions and the official validation by the Privacy Authority on the final version of the software developed by the Milanese company Bending Spoons.

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For the same reasons yesterday Friuli Venezia Giulia, under the voice of the governor Massimiliano Fedriga, decided to withdraw its availability for testing the Immuni app. In this regard, Fedriga has prepared a letter to be sent to the Conference of the Regions with which it attacks the system “of sending a text message to citizens who have come into contact with an infected person”. This, he explains, would be “a little shrewd solution that risks generating panic or, in the event that the citizen decides not to contact the attending physician, to frustrate the effectiveness of the app”. Beyond any political evaluation, in addition to the consent of the regional governors, the now highly anticipated Dpia is also missing. That is to say the impact assessment that must be produced by whoever is responsible for the processing of user data – in this case the Ministry of Health – and then subjected to the scrutiny of the Guarantor for Privacy. As you know, in fact in Piazza Venezia the last word on the effective publication of the app in the digital stores of Apple and Google will be up to you. However, just the authority that a few days ago reiterated the correctness of what has been done up to now for the app, “has not yet received any type of communication from the Ministry of Health”. This, filtering from environments close to the Guarantor, “could lengthen the estimated time for the publication of Immuni”.

Furthermore, before arriving on the smartphones of millions of Italians, the app must also be analyzed by Apple and Google. A routine operation which in itself should not take much time. However, to distribute it on a regional basis, the discussion may be different. In practice it is not clear whether the stores from which Immuni can be downloaded can limit the download to one region of the Peninsula. Otherwise, however, making it available on the whole national territory, you could risk invalidating the whole test process.

As is known, Immuni, to protect user privacy, is not enabled to use the geolocation services of the smartphone. So whoever downloaded it, although residing in a different region than the ones identified for the tests, could indicate that they are at another point distorting the answers of the sample selected for the experiment.

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