Immune App: source code and icon on Github


The announcement comes directly from the Ministry of Innovation: the source code of the Ios and Android versions of the Immuni app is available, the notification system for exposure to the Covid-19 virus that will increase precision and timeliness in the use of prevention and care measures. It means that the source code, or the profile of the app expressed in programming language, has been published on the GitHub website. It is a hosting platform for software projects used precisely by the developers – in this case the creators of Immuni, Bending Spoons – to make the code available to all those who want to view it.

Other information is also available on the Ministry of Innovation website. They have been officially published the images showing the Immuni interface, from the Home of the application to the alert of detected contact with a positive person at Covid 19.

The app in early June

This is a step towards the release of the Immuni application, which should be imminent. By the end of the week, the deputy minister of Sanit Sileri said, the tests will begin on the territory and then get to the release on the stores in early June. On GitHub you will find the source code of the app for Android and for iOS. Both operating systems have been updated in the past few days in order to be able to support these applications useful for tracing infections. One, official, for each country.

The official icon

On GitHub we can also have a preview of the icon that Immuni will represent: a stylized little man on a purple background. Useful information to recognize the official application once it lands on the Stores.

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