“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but what do you expect to reset the CSM?”. Mattarella in the viewfinder – Libero Quotidiano


It doesn’t fit, Matteo Salvini. The League leader goes on the attack on the judiciary in an interview with Study 24 on Rai News 24. The case at the center of attention is obviously the one raised by the interceptions of Luca Palamara. And Salvini says: “A design of the judiciary against the League? I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I just read the wiretaps and wonder if it’s normal. I wonder what you expect to intervene and what you expect to reset the CSM “, reiterates the League leader with a new, clear reference to Sergio Mattarella.

Then the focus shifts to the coronavirus emergency. And the criticism is tight. We start from the schools, and Salvini points out: “Right now in all of Europe there are children in the classroom. There is no restart with closed schools and parents in need“, he underlines. Therefore, on the reopening decree, the secretary of the Carroccio remarks that” must be given birth by the Lombardy Region today. It concerns children, businesses, families. I would prefer, as a Lombard, than my president could stay in the office and not in a prosecutor’s office in Bergamo to repeat the same things for the 37th time, “concluded Salvini.

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