Ilva, Gualtieri: ‘The state ready to co-invest’. Arcelor Mittal: ‘We will honor commitments’ – Economy


The State is available to co-invest and therefore to intervene directly “in the corporate structure” to have a strong Ilva, which produces so much that it is a world market leader, that it makes significant investments with direct and indirect State intervention “, affirms Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri at the Ilva table.” The 10-day extension “requested by Lucia Morselli to present the plan industrial “is reasonable” the minister said again addressing the unions and reiterating that the government’s line is to “revive Taranto”

According to the unions, the managing director Morselli said: “Am wants to honor the commitments made to the end even with the difficulties caused by Covid. We want to go ahead and are ready to present the plan in about ten days. “Morselli added that Am wants to” maintain the integrity of the Taranto plants and its importance at European level “.

According to the unions, Gualtieri had previously said: “We are aware that Covid has produced slowdowns and complicated situations to manage but we think it is time to continue on the March agreement and encourage the company to proceed along that road”. In recent weeks ArcelorMittal has tried to have a 400 million loan guaranteed by the state – taking advantage of the measures envisaged by the government to give liquidity to companies following the Covid emergency.

“The government believes there are conditions to continue with the business plan envisaged by the agreement of March 4, even with the difficulties caused by Covid-19. The business plan is an essential element from which to start”, explained the owner of the economic development Stefano Patuanelli, according to Uilm reports. Patuanelli and Gualtieri reiterated the CEO of ArcelorMittal Italia that the Government expects: “confirmation of shared commitments”.

We need a special law for Ilva to mitigate employment, economic and social disaster, “says Uilm secretary Rocco Palombella, present at the table.” Ilva’s real problem – he continued – is the prospect. We do not recognize any plan except that of the agreement of September 6, 2018. If your plan is that of dreams or unrealizable commitments with mixed and future corporate structures, we are facing an occupational, economic and environmental disaster “he added.

Strike today in all the plants of the ArcelorMittal group: in the Taranto plant there will be a strike by direct workers and the contract in the last 4 hours of the first two shifts, that is, from 11 to 15 and from 19 to 23. “The Government and ArcelorMittal – underline in a note Fim, Fiom and Uilm – uncover the cards and open a negotiating table with the union. The situation in the factories is increasingly unsustainable. The response to the crisis cannot simply be more cash for all and zero investments ” .


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