illy: a free coffee for everyone to reopen Italy – Friuli V. G.


                          <h2 class="news-stit">On June 3, in the illy points and partner bars</h2>
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                      <p> "A small cute gesture, symbolic and also concrete on the occasion of the day of the reopening of Italy". This is how Massimiliano Pogliani, illycaffè's CEO, defined the initiative that will start next June 3, anticipating its contents to ANSA, to offer a coffee in all illy points and partner bars in Italy, obviously, "in compliance with the rules: spacing, mask "and more.<br/>    "We are all focused on when it reopens, but the problem is not only to reopen but to overcome mistrust, fear - explained Pogliani - and then, hoping that people will return to their favorite bar, we thought of this small gesture.<br/>   </p></div>
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