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iliad completes today, 29 May 2020, 2 years from the launch in Italy, and to celebrate the operator, he made the competition #TheTruthCode, which allows you to to win a smartphone Apple iPhone 11 64GB if you guess a secret code through daily clues.

As already toldyesterday afternoon the operator had announced on its social profiles one “surprise” on the occasion of second birthday since the launch of the first offer, which took place on 29 May 2018 following the presentation in Milan of the CEO Benedetto Levi.

In particular, it was read in the published image “The revolutionary birthday party is the one where you don’t bring the gift, but receive it”. In addition, the operator had also entered the new hashtag #TheTruthCode which translated means “The code of truth”. Other than that, nothing else had been anticipated.

At about 12:30 am today, May 29, 2020, the fourth Italian mobile network operator has therefore details published on social networks of the initiative, i.e. a named competition #TheTruthCode.

The competition will take place starting from today until Thursday 4 June 2020 at 12:29, and plans to follow everyday the Stories published on Facebook and Instagram profiles of the operator for guess a 6-digit code with clues, to be inserted on a dedicated page for try to win an Apple iPhone 11 64GB.

The recipients of this competition are all final consumers over the age of 18 residing in Italy, already registered in Facebook or Instagram and followers or fans of Iliad’s official Facebook and Instagram pages. In addition to Social, the operator will also invite visitors to the Iliad stores to participate in the competition, with the clues that will be visible on the store displays.

At stake there is, as mentioned, an Apple iPhone 11 64GB smartphone, from the commercial value of 655 euros, which will come drawn among those who guessed the code. The final draw will happen within Tuesday 16 June 2020.

In detail, Iliad will publish one episode a day on its Facebook and Instagram pages, also showing them on displays placed inside the Iliad Stores present on the national territory, divulging through their own Stories a clue useful to find a one-digit number.

It will be in total of 6 episodes, each of which will be visible from 12:30 on the day of publication to 12:29 on the following day, to then be replaced with the next episode.

Today, 29 May 2020, at 12:30 has been published the first episode with the clue useful to find the first digit, which will remain visible until 12:29 tomorrow 30 May 2020. In this case the clue reads “The bad surprises in Iliad”, a phrase that suggests the first digit of the code.

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Iliad competition

The other five episodes of #TheTruthCode with the relative indications will be published one at a time every day until 3 June 2020, again at 12:30 and visible until 12:29 on the following day.

Starting since the publication of the last clue, which will occur on June 3, 2020, all users who have followed all six episodes via social networks or on the monitors of the iliad stores by guessing the 6 exact digits, will have to connect to page dedicated to the #TheTruthCode competition on the Iliad website and register, by entering the required data (name, surname, email and telephone number), accepting the regulation and the privacy policy and by writing the 6-digit code guessed in the dedicated area.

Each of the 6 digits must be entered in the order of exit of the clues in the Stories (for example, the first number is today’s clue), thus forming the exact code.

Each user intended as a natural person can participate only 1 time: multiple participations will be prohibited.

All participants who answered correctly by 23:59 on June 5, 2020, will be entered into a database e will participate in the final draw by June 16, 2020, through chamber or notarial report, which will assign 1 64GB iPhone 11.

They will also be extracted 5 reservations to be used in case of: unavailability of the winner, failure or delayed receipt of the requested documents, receipt of non-compliant documentation and / or after the deadline, failure to confirm following the verification carried out on the data entered by the participant, data entered untruthful or non-compliance of the regulation.

The winner will be notified by telephone at the number indicated in the participation message or by email. In this regard, at least 3 calls will be made, not consecutive but interspersed, on the same day and in case of failure on the first day, we will proceed, in the same way, in another 2 successive but not consecutive days. During the phone call, the winner will be asked to confirm the valid e-mail address in order to send the winning communication also in writing.

In the event that the winner does not respond, it will be considered unavailable and the reserve will be contacted. For the reserve, the same winnings criteria will be used.

the winner must send his acceptance no later than 7 days from the receipt of the communication of the winnings.

The iPhone to be won will be delivered to the winner within six months from the date of assignment.

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