Iliad against Tim and Kena Mobile. The fourth operator brings Telecom to court


Iliad takes Kena - Tim to court

Iliad against Tim and Kena Mobile. And this time the fourth mobile operator raises the tone of confrontation and seeks justice. Iliad has chosen to bring TIM, the former monopolist, directly to court. The operator requests, as compensation, a good 71 million euros.

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Unfair commercial practices. Or presumed such. TIM’s request is made official by TIM itself on the occasion of the presentation of the Telecom Italia Group accounts. Accounts that highlight the ex-monopolist’s difficulties, both because of the dramatic effect of Covid 19 but also because of the pressure Iliad is exerting on the company’s accounts.

TIM continues to lose market share heavily, and mostly does it in favor of Iliad. For this reason, in recent months, the giant has attempted to attack the French directly with ad hoc offers. The so-called operator attack, packaged in a particularly convenient way for portability started from Iliad. A choice carried out by both the main brand TIM and the secondary brand Kena.

A commercial policy, for obvious reasons, rated by Iliad as anti-competitive. And now the fourth mobile operator wants the official pronouncement of the judicial body. There would be official confirmation that the “old” managers want to stop the Iliad revolution. A truth with a “political” weight that perhaps would have even more weight than the 71 million compensation.

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