Iliad 5G. How does 5G work and when does Iliad start?


5G, that’s for sure, Iliad will have it too. The much-discussed but also long-awaited technology will also be introduced shortly by the fourth mobile operator. In this article we try to take stock of theIliad’s approach to 5G which, as we shall see, has some peculiarities.

Iliad’s 5G will be built with proprietary technologies and also supported by an autonomous network. This is because, it is always good to remember, Iliad is a real manager, infrastructured. So very different from Ho, Kena and Very who are MVNOs, or virtual ones. Iliad, despite having very very low prices, is a real operator.

We make this necessary premise for readers less accustomed to technical notions, because precisely by virtue of this status of operator with licenses and technologies, Iliad was able to participate in theauction for the assignment of 5G frequencies, together and in competition with Tim, Vodafone and WindTre. Fastwweb also participated in the auction, which by virtue of the new licenses acquired became the fifth largest Italian mobile operator. But let’s go back to Iliad and its 5G immediately …

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5G Iliad licenses

Iliad acquired frequencies by investing around 1,200 billion euros. A gigantic figure, even higher for example than that allocated by WindTre, a historical operator and with a much greater market share here in Italy. In short, two things are evident from these numbers. One is that Iliad strongly believes in 5G and more generally in the Italian adventure, putting on the plate investments that will evidently bear fruit in several years. Iliad is here in Italy to stay there, this is evident.

On the other hand, it is clear that Iliad, unlike what some detractors claim, brings value to the entire country system and is one of those notorious foreign investments that Italy always declares it wants to attract. Here, in this case the financial commitment is there and obviously it must be encouraged and defended.

The 5G Iliad network

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As we said, Iliad has a proprietary network that integrates with the WindTre network in ran sharing to guarantee coverage of almost 100% of the national territory. Iliad already has many owned sites and installs new ones every month. All infrastructure already beautiful and ready for the fifth mobile generation. Since Iliad started in Italy, 5G has been an upgrade put into account immediately.

The technical realization is carried out with an important partner that is Nokia, with whom Iliad already has intense relationships in France.

Fears about 5G

As we said, Iliad’s investments must be encouraged and protected, for the benefit of the Italian system and of all Italian consumers. And by protection we also mean a stronger stance by the central government than the too many fake news related to 5G.

Bizarre theories have been around the web for some time, ending up also influencing local administrations, small municipalities, associations. An alarm launched by Iliad but also by other telephone operators who in recent months have encountered countless difficulties in installing new antennas (not only 5G). And they found themselves in fact unable to exploit the handsomely paid licenses indispensable for the development of the country.

The different players now obviously demand clearer, leaner and more balanced legislation.

Iliad’s wait-and-see stance

Interesting is the approach that Iliad has chosen to have compared to 5G. A policy that could be called a wait-and-see. In the sense that by choice Iliad preferred to plan its launch without participating in the fight over who it was before, unleashed by Tim and Vodafone. The fourth operator has on several occasions specified that 5G would have to wait for the effective availability of 5G phones at balanced prices.

So an unhurried 5G, capable of bringing real added value to consumers. Without the excessive expenses that the so-called “early adopter” segment (ie the “early users”) risks. A weighted choice and in line with the no-frills savings policy that has always been pursued by Iliad.

5G doesn’t just go faster

What real advantages does 5G bring? This is good to specify it well because too many mistakes are made on the subject. In reality 5G does not arrive to overcome the existing networks only in speed. In terms of performance, 4G + is already powerful enough in fact, even in demanding uses such as streaming HD video.

The main advantage of 5G is the very low latency times. A quality that will slowly allow the integration of new features both on our smartphones but also in the home objects integrated in the network. Augmented reality, internet of things, telemedicine but also immersive online games. A world of services and new applications that will only be possible with new networks. A challenge towards the near future which, for obvious reasons, Iliad cannot miss.

And what do you think of the 5G Iliad? Let us know what you think in the comment space below.

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