“Ignorance is silent”, very heavy words – Libero Quotidiano


Mara Venier she is furious against Al Bano Carrisi. The singer was a guest of Sunday In and the presenter would have liked to read a poem written for him by Romina Power on the occasion of his birthday. The singer, however, did not want out of respect for his partner Loredana Lecciso. The result was an argument with the host that led to the closure of the connection.

Al Bano however first talking about COVID-19 he had made it big: “Man has destroyed dinosaurs let alone defeat this virus” he said, unleashing the company against her, so Venier, probably for a little revenge after the dispute live, on Instagram he posted a sibylline message: “True maturity lies in knowing how to keep quiet, smile, turn your back and change direction. Because where ignorance speaks, intelligence is silent. “

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