Ignazio Moser and Cecilia are trying to have a child but …


The couple’s life is going on with a relationship that is booming: after Cecilia’s declarations, Ignatius also makes himself heard. In an interview, Moser confirmed that the couple is trying to have a child …

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A quarantine which strengthened the report between the sorella of Belen, Cecilia Rodriguez, is Ignazio son of the former cycling champion, Francesco Moser. The two met in the House of Big Brother Vip and they never broke up …

Cecilia and Ignazio, a story that immediately fascinated the fans

Their story has undergone passionate fans. Ever since their relationship began to take its first steps within the House of Big Brother Vip, Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez they attracted media attention from them, from viewers first and from fans and simple web users.

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Their love story was born during the reality shows in the most spied house in Italy and when the model was still engaged to Francesco Monte. And precisely for this aspect, Cecilia it had been immediately criticized by the public.

Cecilia first criticized … then loved by followers

Cecilia Ignatius Obscene Acts

Cecilia initially had more haters than fans who followed her. At the beginning it was believed that there was a straw fire, blown up only for a media return. But then the history has solidified, understanding that the Cecilia’s choice it was dictated by a genuine interest in Ignatius.

Their reporton the other hand, it has proven itself solid and in recent years there have not even been rumors of a possible breakdown. Their harmony is so evident that after a few months, the questions of journalists and fans were directed by the need to find “holes” in their love, to understand what could have been the future projects and the possibility of celebrate a wedding

Ignatius confirms: we are trying to have a son

ignazio moser naked snow

Since both have clarified cthat the wedding is not urgent for now, the rumors and gossip in the last period have focused on the possible Cecilia’s motherhood. Although for the moment there are no bows coming recently Ignatius confessed to ‘New TV’ that having a child has been among their plans for some time:

“Some tests have been done in these three years. The desire is there, but without haste. We will see what will happen ”.

Wedding? Moser displaces: “No marriage in sight …”


Insomm, in the coming months the announcement of one pregnancy would be far from a surprise and what about the wedding? Moser on this is clear and reiterates that for the time being they don’t feel the need:

“There is no wedding in sight. We do not feel the need to get married immediately, since we have lived together since we were engaged. It’s not a priority. ”

Cecilia surrendered: “Ok to coexistence …”


Cecilia never hid her desire to get married: she also announced it to silence the “tongues” that spoke of her as Belen’s sister, period. He therefore had to give in and follow the Ignatius decisions: First the domestic partnership and subsequently celebrate the wedding.

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