If the dogs arrive free. Trump avalanche against US protest – Time


If the demonstrators who had clashed with the Secret Service in front of the White House for hours had managed to get through the gate “they would have been greeted by the fiercest dogs and the most threatening weapons I have ever seen. And that would have been when people got really hurt, at least. ” This is what Donald Trump writes in a series of tweets with which he thanks the Secret Service agents for the way they dealt with the protests last night in Lafayette Park.

“Great work done in the White House by Secret Service agents who were not only completely professional but also calm – wrote Trump – I was inside and I followed every move and I could not feel more secure”. “They let the” demonstrators “scream and talk in vain as much as they wanted, but at any time when someone was too lively – he continued – they immediately hit him hard, I don’t know what hit them┬╗. Trump then called the demonstrators “a large, professionally organized crowd.” “But no one has come close to the gate – he added – if they had, they would have been welcomed by the most ferocious dogs, by the most threatening weapons I have ever seen. And that’s when people get really hurt, at least. Many agents were waiting to go into action, I said to myself “we put young people on the front line, they have fun and practice” ┬╗.

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