if it is inadequate, Italia Viva will draw the consequences “- Libero Quotidiano


TO Omnibus on La7, guest of honor in connection is Giulia Bongiorno, of the League. Obviously, there is talk of justice. But not only of the case Csm-Luca Palamara, for which she says “very worried”, but also of Alfonso Bonafede. And of Matteo Renzi, attacked very severely by Bongiorno for saving the Guardasigilli from trust: “I believe that consistency is needed in politics. Italia Viva understands that Bonafede is inadequate to be the Minister of Justice, then he does not draw the necessary consequences. When the League he understood, he decided to end the government experience. This was one of the reasons for the breakup. If Italia Viva has sensed that nothing is being done, here it will draw the consequences “, he underlines.

And again: “The prescription? As long as the League was in government, the norm did not come into force. And when it did not introduce norms to speed up the process, we ended the government experience with the M5s and with Bonafede . The Democratic Party instead only occupies the armchairs: I like this league, consistency. That rule was an atomic bomb, that’s why we pulled the plug “, concludes Giulia Bongiorno

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