“If I were a reader I would ask myself” – Libero Quotidiano


A decent fool for Maurizio Molinari, director of The Republic. Interviewed at Tg2 Post with Matteo Salvini, he did not answer the precise question on the case of Luca Palamara and chats of magistrates full of insults against the leader of the League. So, the question, very clear: “Director Molinari, the division of powers is one of the fundamental legal principles of the rule of law and also of democracy. Do you see a danger in this chat history?”. The answer? None. “I sincerely believe that the danger Italians are seeing right now is the impoverishment of the country and the devastation of the economic system … “, Molinari replies. Really disconcerting. In short, he prefers not to answer. Obviously, Salvini too, who commented:” That the important director of an important newspaper considers it normal that magistrates give mer *** to minister fighting the mafia, is at least bizarre. If I were his reader – adds the leader of the League – as I am, I would ask myself a question“concluded the leader of the League.

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