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Former defender Federico Balzaretti, today a television commentator, connected live during the Open Stadium, broadcast on TMW Radio:

124 games are missing, we are at the end of May. Next season will have the European deadline: is it worth risking to dent the next one?

“In France they didn’t think about it for a second. They are more direct, and after a second it was decided to crystallize everything and to assign the championship, I don’t think it would have been like this (laughs, ed). Another championship starts with us in other locations. If we look at Germany it seems an alleged normality, If we speak from a purely corporate point of view, 90% of the presidents have an interest in starting again, and there is a desire to resume. Needless to deny it, football is a company around which gravitate many figures, it is an industry that feeds many people. Stopping it for a long time leads us to a crisis, stopping it for more than six months … And if in September there are cases of positivity that is done , do we still stop the season? Living together is the correct word, slowly trying to reach zero, even if I don’t see it very close. You can expect a vaccine but we don’t know when it will arrive, intelligent that the parties in question are looking for agreements and the way to best protect the people who work there, finding the right countermeasures. Let’s forget about defeating the virus in two months. ”

What championship awaits us?

“Today I read a study that said that in the Bundesliga the field factor was canceled, home or away is no longer as before. Having many technical and strong players helps, it also goes towards a very hot season and with many games the five changes in three tranches they help to keep the level of the game high and not to break it too much. Who has more quality is favored, I think of Juventus: to let Dybala come out to put Douglas Costa … It can be an advantage, but it is difficult to make predictions. read that in Bologna there is perhaps a positive case, and they had to stop everything, no one knows what to do … “.

What does he say about time slots?

“It deserves a discussion, in this period it would be possible to spread the games in an intelligent way, for me playing at 11pm as in Spain could be a lot of interest. Playing all together on television is not convenient, the players playing at 3pm in July either, could be a solution. Match time is a factor, making someone play in August in the middle of the afternoon does not seem very smart to me even if it is true that televisions always win, I remember the World Cup and the games played in Pasadena with 100% of humidity. At 11 pm, in my opinion, the show can be interesting for everyone “.

Are the players listened to?

“In my opinion, the players are quite protected, the speech of the six months unpaid had not found Tommasi’s favor. The speech that some earn a lot, however, must also understand that the contracts are signed in two, a demand corresponds to an offer. Then there are players who must be protected, if we think that a Serie C club can only pay the salary of March and then stop for six months, well, protection is needed. There are examples like Juventus, Roma … The players are smart, he knows that in the following years, to have benefits, he has to restart the car and to do it requires a little sacrifice. I think that smaller companies and realities need to be protected, they can pay for the damage in a strong way, but football needs the Serie B, C and amateurs “.

A solidarity fund is missing, however. Abroad there is.

“Since I am not in the mechanism, I don’t know what to say, it would be worth talking about. The C Series is an engine, and the ecosystem also includes smaller fish that become fundamental for adults: it is also important at a technical level, with young people making the journey from C to A. and I think of Di Lorenzo who went to Napoli to play from Matera and perhaps Manchester United wants it. In my opinion they must be supported in the most absolute way, perhaps even by the Government itself: if we look at the taxes paid at the end of the year I think we are on important figures, a part of the contributions could be given to the smaller clubs “.

Ready to run alone by ds?

“I’d like to. Roma was an extraordinary gym and I must always say thank you for being able to work with Sabatini, Massara, Monchi … A bag of responsibility, even though I was young, but that was the thing that scared me the least. I’m doing a management course with Drogba, O’Shea, Kak√† … When we play soccer games we have fun, but I’m on goal because I can’t run anymore and I avoid bad figures (laughs, editor’s note). with DAZN on television, I would like to take the executive path. ”



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