If a fight only outrages us for the psychophobia of the “movida contagion”


24 May 2020 18:28

Last night’s brawl in Reggio Calabria and the outrage raised not for the barbarism itself, but for the psychophobia of contagion

The reactions to the news of maxi brawl that last night caused chaos in the central Piazza Duomo, in Reggio Calabria, highlight the climate of high social tension that reigns in post-lockdown Italy. A barbarian episode that should indignantly selfinstead triggers the reactions of the psychophobic of nightlife infection. A big paradox, one contradiction in terms because in Reggio Calabria there is not even a shadow of “movida”. We talked about “sciarra”In our black report of a far west night, because it is the most appropriate term compared to what happens more and more often in the historic center of the city. Before and after the lockdown. It’s not a simple fight between kids: it’s about “sciarre” between “figghiolazzi“Blinded by the fumes of alcohol and a deep subculture context.

We saw last night young people with their heads completely covered in blood, really as had already happened in mid-February when the Coronavirus was a piece of news related to what was happening in China and everyone labeled the reporters who sounded the alarm as “alarmists“.

There is no nightlife in Reggio Calabria: there are bad boys who come out to vent the boredom and discomfort typical of the suburbs of the province in alcohol. It’s a drama of social unease, certainly not of the nightlife. Maybe there was a bit of nightlife!

IS the problem of contagion is the last compared to violence, to the youth degradation, at theadolescent alcoholism.

The fight should outrage us about the fight itself, like in February, like last year, like two years ago. Certainly not because of the risk of infection, assuming it was there.

Because in reality that type of risk is not even there. So in a nutshell we have a community that is outraged by a risk that is not there, but remains indifferent to these social barbarities. 20 days have passed since the reopening of May 4th: with the “Phase 2”, which in many municipalities in Calabria had already started four days earlier thanks to the regional ordinance, the citizens found themselves, leave the house, walk, eat and drink outdoors in the premises that are open from three weeks even though they could not serve at the tables until last Monday, but in any case they served customers who then consumed on the street. The photo on the right is from Monday 4th May. But from that day the contagion has diminished. The psychophobic of nightlife infection that twenty days ago gave the appointment “in 14 days“, Imagining a hell of infected, isolated in the hospital, dead in hospitals, now they are not able to realize that they live an imaginary world dictated by their fears.

Coronavirus has let go, thanks to warmer and drier climate in view of the summer. In fact, the pandemic is now rampant in South America is South Africa, where winter is starting. It will return to Italy in the autumn, from October-November onwards, with the second wave. But anyway we will be ready and prepared to face it without new lockdowns, thanks to the controls (tampons), the isolation of the outbreaks in the bud and the better organization of the hospitals that have more than doubled the ICU beds throughout Italy, setting up the Covid-19 areas isolated from the rest of the nosocomial structures to avoid the internal contagion that caused this disaster.

Movida or non movida, the contagion will continue to decrease.

Brawl of July 2019 on the seafront of Reggio Calabria

And Calabria, only touched by the pandemic, now wakes up apnea for three months is finds all its pre-Coronavirus problems. The brawls of drunken youth. Trash abandoned outside every door. The roads devastated by the disaster. The lack of basic services for citizens. Other than Covid-19: yet in the disaster of sad normality of Reggio Calabria and Calabria, there are those who are indignant about a fight just because they think it will increase the infection. Not because every weekend our young people get drunk beating themselves as if it were a clash of tribes. Are we waiting for the dead man to run away to realize that the pandemic is only the least of our problems?

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