“Icardi was uncomfortable, Inter no longer wanted him. The redemption of the PSG is important”


Luciano Bruni, who got to train Mauro Icardi in Spring of Sampdoria, he spoke to the microphones of Sports Radio of the Argentine’s imminent departure for the PSG: “This is the right solution for both him and Inter. The Nerazzurri team no longer wanted him, he had become a little uncomfortable, the fact that he was redeemed is important. The PSG has been convinced, Icardi remains a great player, they will have to sell someone. In football, in addition to performance, there are also relationships, most likely not so idyllic. ”

On the eventual arrival of Edinson Cavani, the former Verona adds: “He is his age, but he is strong and can find space in any team. I find it hard to believe that Inter are depriving themselves of a young striker like Lautaro Martinez, with an impressive feeling with Romelu Lukaku, beyond the money he could make “. Chiosa on the young yellow-blue defender Marash Kumbulla, goal of the nerazzurri: “He stood out with all of Verona, thanks to Ivan Juric, a real and tough one as a coach. Going to the yellow and blue in a big is a good step, a different experience, he can tiptoe and then improve alongside more experienced players.

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