Icardi, that’s why Inter and PSG are in a hurry: a risk to be avoided


Inter and PSG are in a hurry. The operation for the transfer of Icardi must close by Sunday. The reason? The Corriere dello Sport explains today: “Inter and PSG at this moment do not need the attacker’s ok to perfect the operation. Because? On 2 September Maurito signed a one-year contract with the company owned by Emir Al Thani plus an option for the next 4. The option will automatically be activated if the Parisians exercise their right of redemption by 31 May. From 1 June the option will lapse and with it the contract with the Rosario bomber’s PSG will also disappear. “

If no agreement is reached by the end of the month, the situation may get out of hand: “Maurito is very close to Milan and at the bottom of his heart a little hope of still wearing the Nerazzurri shirt has it. Alternatively, however, he would prefer to play closer to Milan where his family lives. Turin and Juventus, which in the past had sent him clear signals, are 140 kilometers away. Much closer than Paris … Convincing the skilled Wanda Nara to accept a new transfer to Paris Saint Germain after June 1st would not be easy. The risk would become that of going through very long summer months and a pinch of autumn (the market will close in early October) with the beautiful Argentine protagonist and the leaders of Viale della Liberazione forced to overtime. That’s why Inter and PSG want to hurry. “

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