Icardi remains in Paris: 60/65 million for the redemption and two pro Inter clauses. Cavani can do the opposite path


Agreement reached between Inter and Paris Saint-Germain for the redemption of Mauro Icardi: total figure between 60 and 65 million, according to Corriere dello Sport. Small discount compared to 70 agreed a year ago: legacy of the pandemic above all. The “no return” clause in Italy: 15 million additional to be paid in the Nerazzurri crates in case Maurito were to reappear in Serie A. Leonardo, Icardi is the priority right now: as the CORSPORT, knows that the next market will not be simple and wants to focus on a guarantee in terms of goals. Regardless of the future of Tuchel, who has an unexceptional feeling with the Argentine. And there is also talk of one percentage on resale if any.

At the same time, the PSG will say goodbye to Edinson Cavani, expiring contract. The Uruguayan could go the opposite way than Icardi and wear the Inter shirt.

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