Icardi, Milik and the Higuain knot. Juventus unleashed, “Brazilian” gift to Maurizio Sarri


Juventus wants to give the Tuscan coach the top player of the future to be launched immediately. For now there is distance on the figures.

Juventus unleashed on the market. Fabio Guild and Pavel Nedved I am at work between present and future: not only Mauro Icardi, old black and white ball, not only Arek Milik, idea of Sarri to enhance the attack, but also Kaio Jorge, crystalline talent and top player of the future. The leaders of the Turin club and the market men, despite the global recession imposing figures beyond which you will not be able to go, want to push the accelerator with the Santos which, however, at the moment, does not seem willing to make discounts.

Santos – Calciomercato.com writes – has already opened to the immediate sale of Kaio Jorge, which Juve in turn would like to buy to make it available to Maurizio Sarri next season, but at least 30 million are needed. The negotiation began in the form of exploratory contacts before the Covid-19 emergency, but continued afterwards. However, 30% of this figure would go to a fund linked to the manager Giuliano Bertolucci. Juventus, this is the point, does not intend to go beyond 15 – 20 million euros. The distance is there and for the moment it has not yet been filed. And therefore, between Icardi and Arek Milik, waiting to untie the Higuain knot, Juve tries to catch the new top player of the future in Brazil. To be launched immediately.

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