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Mauro Icardi will no longer be owned by Inter from the next few hours. An important moment after so many years in the Nerazzurri as a captain, passing through that loan to the PSG which has always had shadows on the ransom. Until the agreement, because Icardi has already signed with Paris Saint-Germain and the French club closed yesterday with Inter for 50 million plus 7 bonuses, easily reachable as claimed by Marotta and Ausilio who completed the agreement with Leonardo . But what will happen now for the clause concerning the future sale in Italy?Listen to “Icardi is no longer Inter, what happens for the Italy-clause, if Juve or Milan want it now …” on Spreaker.

THE CLAUSE – In the agreement between Inter and PSG, a crucial point set by the Nerazzurri managers a year ago still remains valid for the summer. That is, if PSG were to sell Icardi to another Italian club such as Juventus or Milan (with the bianconeri who have been interested for some time but have so far not started a negotiation), it would still be obliged to pay 15 million more in addition to the 57 million already guaranteed. The clause for Italy remains valid, it is a warning for Juventus as for Milan to which Wanda Nara had referred months and months ago. But from Paris they give a clear line: the intention is to keep him also for 2020/2021, Juve is warned. And it will no longer be an Inter problem.

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