Icardi, Inter and PSG towards the agreement: figures and details. Klopp on pole on Werner, Cavani closer


Definitely positive news on the front Mauro Icardi. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter and PSG are now one step away from the agreement for the Argentine’s stay in France: there is talk of now 60 million, to find the square between the fixed part and the bonus. But all the parties involved want to define everything by May 31 and reasonably it will be so.

Moreover, the Gazette always underlines two not insignificant aspects: Icardi and the PSG have already signed a agreement until 2024 with engagement to go up to 10 million for the Argentine, so there would be no need for further bargaining. Second, confirmed the “anti-return” clause in Italy which provides for an additional 15 million euros to Inter if Icardi were sold by the PSG to a Serie A club at a later date.

An important return for the Nerazzurri, which would also help them to maintain a rigid position on the front Lautaro. Then it will be up to Marotta is aid decide on which attackers to reinvest the icnasso. “The feeling between Jurgen Klopp and Timo Werner remains solid, Liverpool are ahead of the German – explains the Journal -. Up Edinson Cavani on the other hand, there is a positive news: the Uruguayan would have already rejected some offers that had arrived on his table, from the United Arab Emirates, China and the United States. The Matador he still wants European football, so Simeone’s Atletico Madrid and the new Newcastle remain the most dangerous opponents. ”

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