Icardi, goodbye Inter: all done with the PSG, the official match by the weekend. It is the most expensive assignment


“The die is cast, however Icardi at Paris Saint Germain only the details are missing. “ Corriere dello Sport he has no more doubts: the Argentine will be redeemed by the PSG, everything is now clear. And in these hours there will be the exchange of documents to sanction the final divorce between Inter and his former captain who is not regretted by Appiano. Negotiation closed thanks to a small discount: according to the Roman newspaper, it will close in 60-65 million plus bonuses, as long as they are easily accessible. The final developments are already expected and, by the weekend, the word ‘end’ will come with the official.

Maurito is about to become the more expensive transfer accomplished by the club: however it goes, there is talk of figures higher than those that in 2009 led to a deal between Inter and Barcelona with Ibrahimovic in the way. The exchange with Eto’o was also at stake, in that case, but the Swede was valued at 49 million “, reads.

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