Icardi, eye the numbers are not those that circulate. Inter opens on …


The sports newspaper claims that no offer has been made for Maurito and that in any case the figures will not go away from 70 million

A downhill road to the PSG on the matter Icardi to have the advantage of being able to try to bring in Milan Edinson Cavani. La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that “there is a puzzle that is taking shape”. Because Leonardo would be working on Maurito’s ransom and there would be no offers made. What is clear is that the PSG wants to ask for a discount compared to the 70 million agreed upon at the time of the loan. “The news to be registered is an opening of Inter to the PSG in this direction. The rigid position at the beginning of the month, faced with the discount hypothesis, made room for a maximum availability by the Nerazzurri, in terms of principle“, Writes the rosea.

And he warns the Nerazzurri fans. It would not be those circulated in the past few hours that the figures are being talked about between the two clubs. So the offer, according to the sports newspaper, has not yet been formulated and there would have been no proposal for 50 million + 10 bonus.

The right proposal would be closer to 70 million, so we assume 60 million + bonus. Eight days are left before the deal is closed. After May 31, the deal would not disappear definitively but should be discussed again and the agreement with the player should also be discussed. The 50 + 10 bonus amount would have been denied, explains the GdS, by all parties involved.

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