Icardi between Ibrahimovic and the Phenomenon: the top 10 transfers of Inter. There is Balotelli | First page


In the end, the official arrived: Mauro Icardi has effectively become a new player of the Paris Saint-Germain. 50 million euros plus 8 bonuses: far from the 70 million euros that had been agreed in the summer, very far from the 110 of the rescission clause which nobody has ever come close to. Anyway, all capital gains for the Nerazzurri club, which achieved an historic sale: the second most profitable for the Milanese club. Maurito, which Inter took from Sampdoria in the summer of 2013 for 13 million euros, scored 20 goals in 31 games this season, including 5 Champions League achievements, winning the Ligue 1, which has closed its doors for some time, without even speculating on a possible restart. 58 million euros, therefore, spent by PSG, 58 million euros in the Inter coffers, 58 million euros which, however, do not place it in the top 10 of the Inter Inter sales. Who’s at first? Let’s find out together. But let’s start from the tenth position.

10. Sebastian Frey: the French goalkeeper leaves Inter, and the place to Tolto, to go to Parma: the nerazzurri, in 2001, collect 21 million euros.

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