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Leonardo gets the discount, for Inter record gains and enough cash to reinvest. If the attacker returns to Serie A, another 15 million to the Nerazzurri

Davide Stoppini and Alessandro Grandesso

C’est fait, the goal is there. Inter and PSG have worked hard in the last week and yesterday reached a general agreement for the definitive transfer of the Argentine to Paris: € 50 million fixed base, to which to add 8 million bonuses, linked to some to the player’s personal goals and others to the team results. For the announcement at this point, only technical issues are missing, the famous details: the deadline set for the redemption in the contract drawn up between the parties last September, at the time of the loan, will arrive today or more likely tomorrow.


Yes, the ransom. The discount that Leonardo wanted at the end was there and also full-bodied: if all the bonuses are hit, the PSG will have saved 17% compared to the famous 70 million. Icardi did not have the slightest chance of returning to Milan. And in order to close the deal, Inter did not want to take the risk of another season of controversy, also linked to the possibility – never really concrete but always present – of a Juventus insertion for Maurito. The 50 million represent a practically total capital gain for Inter, Maurito is in fact entered in the balance sheet at just under two million. For Zhang’s company, therefore, the transfer of a player outside the technical project becomes, on the contrary, central to settle the accounts.

end of an era

The definitive farewell of Icardi, who arrived in Milan in 2013, marks the end of an era. The Argentine and his wife Wanda Nara are linked to an Inter that is no longer there, who wanted to cut the bridges with the past, deciding to do without who knows how many potential followers (Maurito’s 6.5 million on instagram, as many for Wanda) and at the same time taking a completely different road, married – indeed, depicted – by Antonio Conte. Road decided a year ago and confirmed now, with the sale “at any cost” of Icardi. And with an attached anti-Juve clause, because Inter’s value is not even disliked by the player. In any case, it is better to avoid finding him as an opponent: if the PSG decides to sell it in Italy, another 15 million would enter Zhang’s coffers. But it won’t happen.

Leonardo here

In Icardi’s, however, 10 million net per season, between fixed and variable parts, will enter: this is the contract until 2024 signed by the Argentine a year ago, an agreement that now becomes executive. While the two clubs defined the negotiation in conference call, Mauro and Wanda enjoyed the garden of the Brienno villa on Lake Como yesterday afternoon.

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