I would like to come to forty years as Scola …


In the video chat yesterday with Backdoor Podcast, Riccardo Moraschini, Olimpia Milano player who spoke about his season at the Messina court and about his progress after the injury, the season in Brindisi and some anecdotes about his career, was a guest. Here are some excerpts:

The decisive free throws against Panathinaikos:

That moment mattered, I threw two free throws in front of 15000 people who whistled and I felt that the ball weighed a lot, but I tried to do what I do in the gym every day: free my mind, watch the ball, the basket and throw. In the end, come on, I didn’t even tremble.

The impact with the EuroLeague:

It is a very physical league and that perhaps I did not expect so intense, but beyond that it is a very tactical league. I could have imagined it, but I didn’t believe at this level where every game is prepared in great detail and in the smallest details.

The call of Messina:

Being called by Ettore Messina in the summer was a great satisfaction, it gave me a lot and above all the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking me with a project to continue the maturation project, even if it may seem strange at 29 years old. After signing up, I was probably the happiest player on this planet.

Best quintet of EuLeague:

I have two in the team and they are incredible: Chacho and Scola. I would like to be forty years old like Luis. Then Larkin is too easy, Tavares and Dubljevic impressed me a lot.

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