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The May Business Confidence Index collapsed in May (51.1), recording “the minimum value since the beginning of the historical series”. The consumer confidence index was also bad (94.3), at its lowest level since December 2013. Istat notes this, taking up the survey which was interrupted in April. These are the first post-lockdown data.

The concerns of families seem mostly concentrated on the present situation and on the general context. They keep the moods related to what will happen in the coming months and what you keep the individual sphere better. “The comparison of the May data with those for March indicates – Istat writes – downturns for all components of the climate of consumer confidence; the decrease is marked for the current and economic climate while the personal and future climate are decreasing The economic climate goes from 94.4 to 71.9, the personal climate falls from 102.4 to 100.9, the current climate falls from 104.8 to 95.0 and the future climate decreases only slightly, going from 93.3 to 93.1 “.

At work, explains the director for statistical production Istat, Roberto Monducci, it is estimated that “on average for the year the impact of the lockdown is of almost 2 points of added value and 2.2 points of employment, for just under 400 thousand employees. The limitation of production activities until the end of April would result in an annual reduction in consumption of 4.1%, added value of 1.9%, with an impact on employment by year of about 385 thousand employed “. Employed women are present in many sectors classified as medium and at high risk with respect to possible exposure to the virus: based on the classification provided by Inail on the different degrees of risk in the sectors in which it operates, it is estimated that the employed men work in low-risk sectors in 62.9% of cases, against 37% of women. Conversely, the share of female workers operating in high or medium-high risk sectors is higher (28% versus 12%) “.

In May, the business confidence index, which measures the mood of the Italian production fabric, not only collapses, falling to an all-time low, but undergoes a reduction which leads to its almost halving compared to pre-Covid levels. Today Istat estimates an index at 51.1. Between January and February the bar stood above 99. In December last year it was even better, above 100. The drop had already been sharp in March (79.5). Morale has only subsided. Although we do not know what happened in April when Istat, precisely because of the difficulties related to the health emergency, had to suspend the investigation.

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