“I will never forget the sirens in silence” Gasperini: from euphoria to a climate of war


In a long interview with the Guardian, the Atalanta coach retraces the more than two months that shocked Bergamo, from the joy of Valencia to the sirens in the silence of the city.

The Bergamo drama, the European miracle of Atalanta, the secrets for the return to essential, winning and spectacular football. The club’s foresight in building a project aimed at enhancing young talents.
England is discovering the Gian Piero Gasperini phenomenon, now increasingly international, and it does so with an interview by the Guardian.

The coach of the Nerazzurri orobici, who for the first time appeared in the Champions League limelight during the current season, even reaching the quarterfinals, revealed that he had “attached a picture of a pack of wolves in the locker room: there are wolves in the front, center and bottom of the group. Those in the foreground set the pace, those in the background are the strongest and those in the center live protected from others. The last is the boss who makes sure that nobody is left behind. The message is that the leader is not limited to the front line: he takes care of the team ».

The technician recalls the darkest moments in Bergamo, the pandemic, the drama and the mourning of a city. «I will never forget the sirens in the center of Bergamo. And then, when we returned from Valencia, after playing the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, we had the impression of finding ourselves in a country at war. When we shoot I will put the emotional aspect to the right, front and center. The players have a very strong bond with the city. I’ll talk about emotion and feelings, Bergamo has suffered a lot, it’s time to give her a smile back. “

Returning to football, Gasp explained that, “players must fight in training. Those who are not used to working hard scare me. From the struggle the victories are born. If you don’t run in training, you don’t do it in the game. It’s important to have fun, because the style of the game and the quality derive from it ».

Gasperini also spoke of the explosion of Gomez, Ilicic, De Roon, Gosens. «I start from a consideration – he underlines -: footballers do not train as hard as many athletes from almost all other disciplines. In other sports, training is harder and more intense. Players must remember this and give more and more. We never had the means to make big investments, so we had to find young people around Europe who had the same philosophy. Able to adapt to our style, to take the offensive mentality. Those who are afraid go away ».

«I have decided – Gasperini’s conclusion – to go down this road and I will do it to the end. I am ready to risk everything because I believe in what I do. We launched players like Caldara, Gagliardini, Petagna, Conti, who had very few A games. Sarri’s victory over Napoli was the beginning of this beautiful story. I immediately wanted to work with young people. I wanted a project made up of young people who preferably had grown up in the nursery ».


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