“I was a mediator. The chats? They say that the system rewards those who belong to the currents” – Libero Quotidiano


“Do you feel absolute evil? Or it is convenient for a certain type of system to say ‘here it is, he is the monster’. ” Start with this question of Massimo Giletti face to face with Luca Palamara. TO It is not the Arena the whole truth of the prosecuted prosecutor is staged, whose chats (collected in about 60 thousand pages) have generated a scandal that is sweeping the judiciary. “I did not invent the current system – is Palamara’s answer – identifying me is an operation that could be useful for someone. There is talk of my network, which I can get everywhere, in fact my role was to mediate between the various currents. The CSM is the place where mediation is necessarily required for certain appointments. Today all this is demonized, but this system has produced Greco in Milan, Gratteri in Catanzaro, Amato in Bologna, the best of investigators in Italy “.

Then Giletti asked him to deepen the way in which the prosecutors of the Republic were chosen: “The evaluation is not suggested by politics, but is internal to the CSM. So there was a need for mediation, which required meetings and talks outside the CSM, but then it took the form of the only nominated room “. A mediation that Giletti defines as a sort of gang war, at least in the common perception: “The places of the prosecutors are highly sought after – explains Palamara – because I’m places of power. It is true that our current system penalizes those who do not belong to any of them. The chats say that the system rewards those who belong to the currents. They are a shortcut, if I said otherwise I would say a lie “. Then a further clarification on their role within this story: “I had become a sort of reference for colleagues, not for committing illegal acts but for my ability to mediate. There were many Palamara “.

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