“I premier? I do not exclude anything, but not with early elections” – Libero Quotidiano


Stefano Bonaccini it is increasingly ambitious. Center Left candidate for prime minister? “I don’t rule out anything,” he explained in an interview. Candidate to the secretary of the Democratic Party? “I’m available,” he said, days ago, in another interview. The Emilian governor, writes Il Giorno, during the Coronavirus, did not miss a shot, unlike the government and together with the League Luca Zaia it was the one that gained the most in satisfaction surveys. And exactly Zaia addressed Bonaccini yesterday: on the premise that “I do not see myself as a candidate for prime minister, in fact I wonder every day if I am able to be governor”, he adds: “In the same way I do not preclude anything. layout”. In fact, for days we have been talking about the strange Bonaccini-Zaia couple, in facing the emergency Covid. Bonaccini recalls that “I, not others, have defeated the League”.

The Democratic Party led by Zingaretti he seems firm in command, but with Bonaccini the secretary no longer reports: already during the Emilian election campaign the secretary sought an alternative candidate, in exchange for a pact with the 5Stelle, and little supported the race of the outgoing governor, who had to impose himself as only. Even the practical, financial and political support of the Democratic Party was weak. A week before the election. Bonaccini’s aims could therefore aim precisely at the Democratic Party, challenging Zingaretti or aiming for Palazzo Chigi, even if today The air that pulls on La7 he explained that in the event of early elections he will not run as prime minister.

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