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Fortnite Chapter 2 it is more popular than ever and boasts 350 million active players. But many of these players, needless to deny it, lack the old game map, and would be happy to get it back. Also Ninja try something very similar, so much so that in one of his recent streams he is even moved.

Initially Ninja during the game was considering the current Fortnite mid-game Chapter 2: the events that take place between the initial and final landing stages, with the clashes of the last surviving players. “I haven’t heard or seen a shot in five minutes. They should be doing something. So many people are being chased and swallowed by the storm because it moves quickly, and because the map is so big now and there is no more rotation … and the their change was to increase the closing of the storm circle to four and a half minutes. ”

The best known streamer in the world of Fortnite Battaglia Reale is then passed to sadly recall the old game map, being moved. “I’m so annoyed, I miss the old map of game, I miss the old points of interest so much. I miss the Hanging Pinnacles, I miss the Paradise Palm Grove, I miss the old Risky Rapids, I miss the Languid Lagoon. The old map will never come back, guys, and I miss it. “For Epic Games the removal must have been a calculated risk, so much so that Fortnite actually reached the 350 million players without problems in the months following Chapter 2.

Are you missing the old game map of Fortnite Battaglia Reale? But are we really so sure, then, that it will never be possible to see her again? In past years it has been learned how the developers of Epic Games are always unpredictable, moreover. Here is the Ninja video, the moment he is moved is at 0:18 minutes.

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