“I like women feminine”, on social media it is stormy


He: “I like women”. Fans: “You stayed in the Middle Ages”, but someone defends him




Emis Killa: I like women feminine, on social networks it is stormy

What kind of girl attracts him? “Female“And to those who ask him if the adjective still makes sense today, he replies:” Unless you like girls with hair, who speak like men and so on, yes. Now I wait for the feminists who will break my balls. “Two remarks made by Emis Killa in his stories on Instagram answering the questions of the fans, which triggered a ‘storm’ by social users, who – mostly – have shown that they do not like the rapper’s words at all.

They are indeed dozens of comments they disapprove the provocation of the artist from Vimercate: “Someone take instagram off, or rather directly the phone to Emis Killa”, someone writes. “He should have my own followers, so nobody would see the caz ** he writes,” adds another. “I’ve always listened to his songs – observes a fan – on a human level but no comment”. “You stayed in the Middle Ages! “another internet user complains.

But it’s not just the phrase about women’s femininity that has sparked outrage among Internet users. During the stories, answering the questions of the followers, Killa made a remark about self-harm: “Well, surely it is not to be proud of it -writes the singer- Some even do it to attract attention and that’s it. Here are these people I would damage them. ” Among the comments, also someone who defends him: “He has the sacred right to express his opinions in terms of personal tastes,” writes one. “Everyone has their own tastes, now let’s not exaggerate thanks,” adds another. And in the meantime the hashtag Emis Killa flies high in the twitter trends.

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