“I hope your son gets Coronavirus”: shock message in Premier


The striker and captain of the Watford, Troy Deeney, publicly denounced that he had become the target of insults of all kinds for refusing to resume training for fear of contracting the COVID-19, having a five-year-old son at home who suffers from respiratory diseases. The 31-year-old English player, whose club is in 17th place in the standings and will therefore fight not to retreat to the resumption of the Premier League, also raised doubts about Project Restart, the recovery protocol, and player safety. Therefore aligning with Danny Rose, the Newcastle defender who claimed that the players were treated like “laboratory mice“. In an interview with CNN Sports, Deeney admits he is”exhausted“for the insults he is forced to suffer and which do not spare his wife either:”You walk on the street and people say things like ‘I work, so go back to work too’“Even worse, Deeney reveals that he has received messages addressed to his son”from people who say ‘I hope you take the Coronavirus‘. It is the most difficult thing for me. But if you start to respond, people will understand that they have hit the mark and will continue“. (Eurosport)

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