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The semivirtual of Vodafone, I have. Mobile, it would be experimenting technology in the last few days Times, which in the future may also allow its customers to make calls on 4G network.

MondoMobileWeb has indeed collected several testimonials of customers I have. Mobile that suddenly found themselves enabled the possibility of using the Times (Voice Over LTE).

In fact, for some of these customers it has also popped up the icon VoLTE on the display of your smartphone, thus indicating the possibility of being able to receive and make calls without leaving Vodafone’s 4G network.

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According to MondoMobileWeb it should be a simple one experimentation going on a small number of customers I have., probably to test its functionality for a possible future launch for all customers.

However at the moment it is not known whether after these tests the service will be actually enabled or not.

In order to take advantage of VoLTE you still need to have a compatible phone that supports this technology (the models may be the same as indicated by Vodafone) with the respective setting enabled (usually called VoLTE calls or “Voice and data”) in the smartphone settings, as well as being under 4G coverage.

So if this technology is actually made available in the future, I have customers too. Mobile, as already happens with the parent company Vodafone, will be able to carry out calls remaining on the 4G network, without the “switch” to 3G or 2G networks, also gaining a vocal quality in High Definition.

Remember that I have. Mobile is a virtual operator controlled by Vodafone through the company VEI, and uses the Vodafone network up to 4G with browsing speeds of up to 30 Mbps for download and up to 30 Mbps for upload.

We thank Maurizio and Michele for the reports.

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