“I have coronavirus and now you have it too.” Customer spits on him, the taxi driver dies after a month


“I have coronavirus and now you have it too.” Words that the relatives of Trevor Belle, a 61-year-old taxi driver who died in Covid-19, find it hard to get out of mind. It may not be related to the incident, which is that on March 22, Trevor loaded a 19-year-old boy with an Irish accent into a street in London. But once the race was stopped, the young man refused to pay and attacked the man by spitting in his face and pronouncing that “prophetic” phrase.

A crazy gesture that Trevor immediately reported to the police and told Kelly Esqulant, his 28-year-old partner and mother of his three children, when he returned home. The story, told on The Guardian, has rebounded on the web.

After the incident Trevor he began to experience the first symptoms of the disease and within a short time his condition worsened: he found it hard to breathe when he was taken to Royal London Hospital. The day he was hospitalized was the last one in Kelly saw him. The next day he was induced to have a coma, but first Trevor asked to donate blood to have it analyzed and to find a cure. “I know my Trevor, he was always willing to help and so it was normal for him to ask,” said Kelly. Trevor died on April 18, a few days after his 61st birthday.

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